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Learn how to take action to restore your essential services and get your landlord to fix your apartment and common areas.

NYC Fire Safety and Your Landlord’s Responsibilities

Updated 4/26/2022

Fire safety is important. Learn your rights and your landlord’s responsibilities for maintaining building safety.

There Are Bed Bugs in My Apartment: What Do I Do?

Updated 1/6/2022

Found bed bugs in your apartment? Learn what your landlord is required to do to fix the problem and what you can do if they don’t take action.

NYC Heat Law: Know Your Rights

Updated 11/15/2021

Learn about the New York City Heat Laws.

There’s Mold in My Apartment: What Do I Do?

Updated 7/7/2020

Have a mold problem in your apartment? Take these steps to learn what your landlord is legally required to do to fix the problem.

How Long Does A Landlord Have To Make Repairs?

Updated 3/31/2020

How long does a landlord have to make repairs? Find out how long you need to wait to file a complaint.